“Do It Yourself”

​Just What Does Do It Yourself Mean?

Why Does Do It Yourself Work for Many People!

As you already know or will soon discover Woody’s Insurance is all about you. It is not about doing it a certain way or being forced to do it someone else’s way! At Woody’s Way Insurance we like finding the best “options”  ​you to what works best and most economical for you.

Again let me introduce myself, my name is Elmer “Randy” Woodywe give you options (call me any of the three, Elmer “Randy” or Woody, they are all optional, just call me!)

I am an independent insurance agent, this site and information is designed to serve you in anyway I can without stress, obligation or pressure. I will explain in the next section why you should in most all situations deal with an independent insurance agent.

Different people have different ways of helping people and I have my way. But I have discovered building a long term business relationships works better if I do it your way. As far as “doing it yourself” by using the My Health Plan Tool is one option, you can do it your way from being to end!

Using this tool you can:

1. ENROLL YOURSELF – If you know the plan you want or just need a little more information, you can enroll yourself, without any pressure, me or another agent coming to your home, but you will always have me as your personal insurance agent if you do have questions or need help with any issue or concern regarding your plan. 

2. SHOP FIND THE BEST PLAN FOR YOU AND CONTACT ME – I can answer your questions or concerns and help take the confusion out of the process for finding the best and most economical plan for your needs. 

There are several options for contacting me: 

By phone 606-224-2406 my direct line

Go to the Contact Me Page tab and select “Contact Me” (a form will be automatically sent to me and I will contact you as soon as possible no later than 24 hours or the next business day)

For those that are a little more tech savvy we can meet online and do everything we can in a face to face meeting, at the convenience of your schedule and privacy of your home. (if you do email, Skype or Facebook…this easy peesy!) Just select “ON-LINE MEETING” for details.

Or we can Schedule an appointment at a convenient location to you or in your home.


Why Would You Want to Try One of Woody’s Ways?

I am an independent insurance, licensed in several states. I can and do represent the major carriers in the market, United Health Care, Humana, Aetna. Silverscript…for a complete list please contact me, carriers are added as they come available and are viable options. 

I can take my many years of experience doing business Woody’s Way and together we can find your way!

All though I am an independent agent I have access to the resources of the major carriers and their support as a contracted and licensed agent. 

You can see I have many ways to help you!

Now, It is time for you to choose your way!

I look forward to working with You!

Contact Me or Just “Do It Yourself”