Term Life insurance Quotes For Seniors

A term life insurance policy may be a good, low-cost option if you’re in excellent health for your age and willing to take a medical exam.

If you shop for life insurance in your 60s and 70s, you can typically secure a 10- or 20-year term life policy, but if you’re over 80, you’ll likely have difficulty finding term life coverage.

Because term life is temporary, it’s best used to cover debts, such as a mortgage, or provide financial support for a spouse or dependent should you die during the policy term.

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Term Life Insurance Rate Chart By Age

In their 20's most if not many younger persons are starting to consider life insurance. Since most young people are focused on creating their new career, finding a spouse, and begin their families.

Life insurance can sometimes take a backseat compared to starting to invest, paying off student loans, and purchasing your first home.

Young people, many times, are often postponing life events, which usually mean purchasing life insurance. Getting married later in life, having children older, and delaying buying a home.

But, many people should buy life insurance in their 20's and 30's. Over 50% of millennials life insurance, according to a market study conducted LIMRA.

Why not? The life insurance cost for a 20-year-old is less than $15 per month for a $250,000 policy for 20 years.

Millennials typically buy life insurance because they wish to protect their spouse, a child, income, or cover a mortgage.

Have you already started a family?

Protecting your family is a worry that can be easily be eliminated with the purchase of life insurance.

How much insurance for a 30-year-old?

Buying life insurance for young people usually has the advantage of typically being in excellent health. Because they are young and in good health, you will find the cost of life insurance for a 30-year-old to be very affordable.

What is the best life insurance for a 30-year-old?

Typically, we find that both 20-year term life insurance and 30-year term life insurance are trendy millennials' choices. If you check the term life rates age chart, you may be surprised how affordable life insurance is for younger buyers. Since insurance coverage is very reasonable, many young couples with many financial responsibilities elect to lock into a $500,000 life insurance policy.

The chart below offers sample pricing for people that are age 20 and over. This sample contains non-smoking life insurance rates for a 20-year-old male and a 30-year-old male, with coverage lasting between 10 and 20 years.

Term Life Insurance Rates Age Chart

Age            $250,000           $500,000        $750,000           $1,000,000

                   10 year              10 year           10 year               10 year

Age 20       $11                        $14                   $19                        $21

Age 30       $12                       $15                    $20                      $22

                 15 year                15 year            15 year               15 year

Age 20      $11                        $16                    $21                       $25

Age 30      $12                       $17                     $23                      $26

                  20 year              20 year           20 year              20 year

Age 20     $13                        $21                    $29                       $35

Age 30     $15                        $22                   $29                        $37

* The term life insurance rate chart represents the average life insurance cost for both a 20 and 30 year old non-smoking male.

 Take notice of the example rates on the tables above for both ten and 20-year terms. See how there is very little difference between the average cost for life insurance per month for ten years and a 20-year term.

So, it just makes good sense for younger people to lock in their rates for a more extended period

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Life insurance For Seniors No Medical Exam

If you’re between 50 and 80, in some cases 85 years old, your life insurance acceptance is guaranteed with this policy, regardless of your health history. There are no medical exams to complete or lengthy health questionnaires to fill out.

Life insurance Over 65

Many people are working longer today than they did before. If you are over 65 and still employed, it may mean you could have others relying on your income. It may be your spouse, or you may take care of a child or other relative whose health is failing. And many people who are 65 and over typically have some debt, and a life insurance policy can help ensure that you won’t leave it for your loved ones to pay.

Life insurance For Seniors Over 75 No Medical Exam

The bottom line – It’s not a popular option for seniors to purchase whole life insurance, but can make sense in certain circumstances. No physical whole life insurance is uncommon for seniors over age 75. Click Here for More Plans and Prices