Whole Term Life Insurance Calculator

Life insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution depending on where you are in your life and the types of family relationships you have. Individuals' needs may differ a lot from other individuals.

Before you seek out a quote using a life insurance calculator can be helpful. Using the free life insurance calculator process at woody's Insurance gives you more information to help with the insurance purchasing journey. The life insurance calculator gives you a better idea of how much coverage you may need and for how long, so you're prepared when you talk with a representative for a quote.

Whole Life Cash Value Calculator

Whole life insurance policies provide “guaranteed” cash value accounts that accumulate according to a formula determined the insurance company. Universal life policies accumulate cash value based on current interest rates. ... The cash value increases or falls based on how well these subaccounts perform.

Simple Life Insurance Calculator

Life insurance calculators can be very simple to very detailed. We have access to the calculators you may need to individualize your situation. This is how we like to offer our services on a personal and individual basis.

Whole Life Insurance Cash Value Chart

Cash value is the part of your insurance policy that earns interest and can be available to you for withdrawal or borrowed against in case of an emergency. The following types of permanent life insurance policies may include a cash value feature: Whole life insurance. Universal life insurance

This information is available from the Insurance Carries for you specific situation or contact Woody's Insurance  for more information> 

Whole Life Insurance Cash Value Chart

Here is detailed hypothetical example of how cash value accumulates over time. The chart below provides a closer look at how cash value accumulation can work within a whole life policy that has a fixed, or level, death benefit, assuming all premiums are paid out-of-pocket.

Whole Life (Fixed Death Benefit) Cash Value Accumulation for a $100,000 Policy
Policy YearAgeAnnual PremiumsCash Value
5 40 $1,178 $3,738
10 45 $1,178 $11,569
20 55 $1,178 $33,838
30 65 $1,178 $72,398
35 70$1,178  $99,839
50 85$1,178  $228,317
55 90$1,178  $289,301
Cash value accumulation for a whole life policy with a fixed, or level, death benefit, with premiums paid out-of-pocket starting at age 35 for a non-smoking male.